Company Administrative Services Cyprus

Corporate Administrative Services

  • Nominee Director Services

    As a nominee director, our company will sign Agreements, Contracts, Legal documents, Financial Reports, VAT and Tax forms, Power of Attorney’s , Board resolutions, invoices, Power of Attorney’s,  etc.

  • Company Secretary Services

    We strongly recommend that you use our services as nominee Secretary for the company. In such case, the Secretary of our company will be able to sign resolutions, company documents, bank forms ect.

  • Registered Office

    The address of a Cypriot company should by law be in Cyprus. Furthermore the registered address proves that the company is located in Cyprus and therefore may be treated under the Taxation law of Cyprus, currently 12.5%.

  • Nominee Shareholder

    Our company will hold the shares in trust for you, your name will not show on the corporate documents. It is also possible to hold part of the shares in Trust.

  • Virtual email / Telephone / Fax lines

    If desired we will install email/ telephone and/or fax lines for your company. Costs of these external services will be borne by the client.

Bookkeeping and audit services

Our team of professional accountants and auditors will assist you to prepare the Financial reports of your company, and file them with the Authorities.

Our auditors will prepare these reports will dedication and will always have your best interest at heart.

Services offered by our Financial advisors:

  • Book keeping services
  • Account and Audit preparation
  • Tax filings
  • Vat filings

Filing of returns required by the registrar of companies

  • Obtaining tax residency certificates
  • Obtaining double taxation certificates