Cyprus Company Formation and Registration

Cyprus Company Formation and Registration

The team of Holender Cyprus will guide and assist you through the entire process of forming and registering your Cyprus Company, including preparing all the neccessary forms, assisting with filling the forms, drafting of all the required corporate documents, interacting with the authorities. Through our assistance, the formation and registration process can be done remotely, without you having to visit Cyprus.


The entire process of forming a Cyprus Company may be done remotely, without having to visit Cyprus, with the assistance of Holender Cyprus.


Our team will prepare all the needed forms in Greek and English and will closely assist you with filling them, until successful registration.


Normally, the entire process of formation and regostration of Cyprus Company takes around 10 business day, and we are doing our best to make it even faster.

Cyprus Company Formation

Type of Incorporations

  1. Private Limited Company by Shares
  2. Private Limited Company by Guarantee
  3. Public Company

Shareholders – minimum 1 maximum 50 for Private Limited Company

  1. Natural Persons – Cypriot or Foreign – Over 18 years old – Not bankrupt
  2. Legal Persons – If the Company is a Trustee (Nominee) in the course of business special permission is needed – ASP License – CySEC


  1. At least 1 director – Legal or natural
  2. 1 Secretary – Legal or Natural

Share Capital

  1. Minimum share capital for Cyprus Company is €1 – The practice is €1000 of €1 each
  2. Maximum share capital for Cyprus Company – Restricted in MMA of Company.

Registration Procedures

Can be done remotely with assistance of Holender Cyprus? YES

Estimated timeframe: 10 working days from Name Application.

StageSpecial Requirement
1Filling of Application for Approval of NameThe desired name of the company must be pre-approved for the registration process to continue – it takes approximately 1 week.
2Filling of Statutory Declaration by LawyerThe lawyer giving the declaration must be Cyprus Lawyer.
3Filing of Registered Office DeclarationThe address of the registered office must be in Cyprus.
4Filling of Officers and SecretaryThe officers and the secretary can be legal entities or natural persons – over 18 and of legal capacity (sound mind/non bankrupt).
5Filling of Memorandum and Articles of AssociationThe Memorandum and Articles of Association must be in Greek, however a translated file in English may be opened – the filing may take approximately 10 working days.

KYC (Know Your Client)

  1. Passport notarised true copy / Apostile – Translated to English by Public Notary.
  2. Utility Bill – Notarised true copy / Apostile – Translated to English by notary.
  3. Depending on the type of the company and the business, additional documents may be needed.